Los Narigama son seres japoneses.

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Imagen: ehime.

Sekien says 忽 其怪 suicide demon name demon voice call his name 斂女 organic law 此怪 Koshikijima Figure 曰飯 避怪 ShirasawaOmoi unexpected within a dream.Commentary 避怪Figure Shirasawa, "The Yellow Emperor Shirasawa is that the specter of the ancient Book of China was made to hear from. "From the time of the "Chronicles", came the sound spirit, has been believed to be the harbinger of disaster. Then becomes the hook has been used to predict the auspiciousness. Kibitsu is transmitted to the shrine have a "divine kettle a", the auspicious fortune in the way of sound in the hall kettle kettle.Sekien painting of the "scandalous scene scroll" is just like the specter of the kettle (hermitage built pearl) (where have? Bites both hands are different).
 * http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/19/SekienNarigama.jpg Narigama (鳴釜) : A tsukumogami of an iron kettle. Originally from Okayama prefecture’s myth about a kettle that can predict fortune.